What? What is this blog, and where did the old one go? Yes it is true, I have changed a lot of over the course of the last couple weeks, but I did for good reasons. I started to this blog as a way to showcase my creative writing, but found it nearly impossible to write a new piece every week. My texts are still available for you to read, but they have moved to their new home on the “Creative Writing” page which can be accessed from the menu above.

Why did I change so much? Why did I betray my readers in such a profound and unforgivable way? Well, I thought long and hard about what I really wanted to showcase on this site.

I am a huge consumer of creative writing. I watch it, listen to it, and hear it performed. There are so many ways to produce creative writing and this (new) blog will showcase some of the ways authors have taken their voices and delivered them to their audiences. You are already familiar with some of the ways, but hopefully you will find inspiration from some of my posts and find a creative way to produce your own writing. So, take a look at my new (more visual) blog, learn about me and my writing on the “About” page, read a few of my stories, but most importantly continue writing your own.

Here, you will find examples of great writing and creative genius. Through this blog I want to show you that those pages in those journals, and those scraps of paper around your house can find a life on the internet and beyond. If you haven’t had any luck getting your work published, I hope you won’t give up. I hope you will continue writing and perfecting your work and find a way to get your message out to the world using a different approach…


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